The Pantheon

Out of the heavens came Aados. He came to give life to the world; to work the barren wastes and waters and turn the chaos into order.

He first invited Eelbus to establish rules to govern the nature of the world and its inhabitants. 

He then invited [[Roddea] to fill the seas and the land with abundant life. She covered the lands with grass, trees, and flowers. She filled the seas with weeds and corals. She then invited her sister Patia to fill these places with all sorts of animals and beasts. She created these beasts to feed off the life that her sister had given the land. This was out of love for her sister. Thus began the time of great peace. Roddea wanted to travel the entire world to see every creature of her sister's hand. But, she could not yet do so.

She invited Uagi to help. He placed objects in the sky to help keep record of time, but could do nothing else. He invited his brother Vaaos who illuminated the objects that his brother had made. These objects—the sun, moon, and stars—now gave light to the world, but also gave the awareness of darkness as well. 

Roddea could now see. She traveled the world and recorded what she saw in magnificent paintings. She invited Gyraura who wrote beautiful music and gave it to the winds, the birds, and the animals. But none of these could sing and play like she could. So she had Vaaos form a new creature called man; in many shapes, colors, and kinds. She gave them music and they played beautifully. 

Eelbus saw the many creatures now in the world and he became jealous of man. He told man that he would teach them how to be like their creators. In order to be like them, they must be rulers of the land and the seas. And to be rulers, they must consume the flesh of the other beasts. Eelbus declared this a rule of nature, but in doing so, he tricked man into killing. Death entered the world. Gyraura hated Eelbus for his trickery. She devoted herself to teaching man how to heal the wounds they inflicted. 

The Pantheon

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